Iggy Taylor
Taylor / Paporello


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Iggy Taylor
Iggy Taylor


Forty Four Years Ago
Verse 1
44 years ago   No one thought that we would last that long
We could always prove them wrong.
Cause we were in love
Verse 2
44 years ago we took a vow that we would never break
Through all those years and heartaches.
We stayed in love.
We made each other laugh as we talked all night 
We made each other cry but always apologized and said
I love you.
Here I sit writing another song
Wishing you hadn’t gone   away
I love you.  I miss you. I need you.
Verse 3
44 years ago I had no idea how lucky I was 
You stuck with me through all my fears and flaws
44 years ago today. 44 years ago today.

I Do

Iggy Taylor
Taylor / Daubert


Updated re-mixed, re-mastered version of the original song recorded in 2011.

Iggy Taylor
J. Taylor
Iggy Taylor
Iggy Taylor